Because I’ve reached 150 followers I’ll open 15 requests!

I’ll try my best but nothing to hard I don’t have much skill ;A;

1) phagey- horror 2) tai/snowrubt- dreamdorks Vikings 3)xenvita-kaneki(? Idk I’m on mobile) 4) random dragging - zombie javk 5) Madame susu- snow 6) peabooty- Izumi/Zoe

Lazy watercolor of Boo from Rainbow! An awesome webcomic drawn by my friend madamesusu and skitty!((who’s tunblr I do not have))



Yooooo sorry if I scared anyone! Just got really upset but I’m doing better!



It can be any character from any of my fandoms or favorite things:

•Steven Universe •Adventure time  •Magical girls •Gravity falls  •Welcome to night vale •Orange is the new black Japanese fashion (lolita, fairy kei,etc) •Body pride quotes •Alice in wonderland • kawaii subversive quotes •princess jellyfish(kuragehime) •nana • paradise kiss •Scott Pilgrim •Mermaids •Madoka Magica •Sailor moon •GHIBLI •anything cute

You can send it here ♥

Somebody….I’m itching to draw something Sailor Moon after all the news from Crystal…


I wanted to make one of those color palette memes with my favorite color schemes.


i made a colour palette challenge for myself because i really wanted to do one with bright, fun, summer-y colours. also because i am legit addicted to bright colours

you can do it as well if youd like

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